Workspace Objectives: Enhance Productivity


This is the first in the nine part series about the the workspace objectives and how they shape office as a service industry.

As the workplace continues to evolve, increasingly fluid workforce is looking for shared office environments that will not only provide the office space, but increase and encourage productivity. Shared working environments designers and operators are looking for the optimal office space solution, a magic formula resulting in a workspace that meets customer needs and exceeds their expectations.

Being in “Early Majority” phase of the coworking adoption life cycle, we understood the opportunities, but also a difficult task to design ‘a destination workplace’ model that is custom tailored and made for Canada. Established companies are showing no shyness about their ambitions, and although opinions in Canada are still split on future of booming co-working model, there is no doubt that the shared collaborative office environments are no longer a gamble nor a fad. Collaborative spaces are the future of work, and using a coworking space over a standard office space is a win-win-win situation for landlords, operators, and workspace user alike.

Strategically, we stayed away from the ocatagon and the Battle of the Titans in the High-Rise Goldtropolis, and decided to prospect one of our “HiversWork” hex models with less than 15000 sq ft in size, designing the next-generation offices and flexible working environments that will be 3 to 12 thousand sq ft in size. Our goal is a model that would address markets and needs of cities such as St Catherines, Guelph, Kingston, and Collingwood, to name several of our markets of interest, and Etobicoke as our first flagship store. Result is the network of “work hives” addressing SMB just as enterprise business needs by connecting increasingly mobile workforce with the fully managed work and hospitality services throughout Ontario.

In other words, we are the first Design / Build / Manage office as a service operator in Ontario looking to scale established US coworking model within Canadian business context.

Our modern workplaces combine aesthetic layouts built with the real wood, biophilic design elements, and plenty of natural light used to create a professional ambiance that allows our members to be as productive as possible. Moreover, our storytelling and branding is used to inspire people to innovate and promote growth with design that encompasses both physical and digital world.

Building owners and property managers around the country are getting involved in the industry and seek to create beautiful and interesting spaces. We are building a formidable team needed to meet their expectations, and our first location is confirmation that we have created a concept and the place where people look forward to coming to work.

We are proud to create professional office style that will increase work productivity and a space where people feel comfortable. Consequently, our workplace experience has come to the fore with journeys mapped from entrance, to desk, to departure — everything including the social interactions, inviting layout, real wood furniture, and choice of coffee and organic tea ensuring total HiversWork experience. Abundant research shows that coworkers are more productive, have a larger business and social network, over two thirds feel more creative and collaborate working on projects, and a third reported an increase in income.

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