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Small 90mm x 130mm x360mm $60 $110 $160
Medium 140mm x 130mm x 360mm $80 $150 $225
Large 290mm x 130mm x 360mm $100 $175 $275

PO BOX is not the way business works. It’s not a very good disguise nor it instills confidence into your customer.  We provide your business with the business address and location that is convenient, parking is free and plentiful, and you mail is handled with care.

A private mailbox provides a convenient and secure alternative to having mail and packages delivered to your home or office. Unlike a P.O. box, here you get a physical street address where we can receive your mail and sign for your parcels, even when you are away.

With our mailbox rental service you no longer have to wait at home for a package delivery or risk having valuable shipments left on your doorstep. We can receive packages from any carrier and hold them in a safe location.

Did you know we also have private offices, conference rooms, shared and dedicated desks, lounge, free coffee and tea. Not only that, but helping you prepare and organize your next business or corporate event in our space will set your next business apart from the rest.

Busy Bee Business Address and Mailbox Rental

For office as a services contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.