Pin Knots, Mineral Streaks, and the story about beautiful Baltic Birch


It all starts in Tyumen, Baltic settlement on the Tura River. Carefully selected FSC certified birch logs are shaven into thin layers of veneer,  perfectly cross-banded and laminated with glue free of formaldehiyde and without any voids, resulting in a perfect wooden canvas waiting for an artist, fusion of nature and machinery.

Baltic Birch features the essential elements of the highest quality and most versatile plywood in the world. Material offers exceptional hardness and specific gravity, making it amongst the strongest and most dimensionally stable panels available. It’s virtually free of irregularities and manufactured to ensure that all of the plywood sheets have extreme durability, great strength, and are visually inviting.

Its aesthetic appeal and smooth, rich sheen as well as magnificent combination of pin knots, mineral streaks and grain waves were enough to convince us that Baltic birch it is.

It is what?

One of the pillars in our business model, wood and the Baltic birch as sustainable choice that we used to manufacture office walls, conference tables, ergonomic adjustable desks, reception, utility bar, coffee tables, and we will leave the best for the last. It satisfies three principles of good architecture, that is, strength, functionality, and beauty,  central themes in Hivers Workspaces design philosophy.

It is not only a romantic relationship. It is about innovation and wood in the human environment. With growing interest in restorative properties of wood in the built indoor environment, and many other studies pointing to intricate and sensual human relationship with nature, we made the Baltic birch an essential element in our start up storytelling and the market differentiator in the office as a service industry.

It is also response to the lack of any eco friendly, simply designed wooden office furnishings amongst Canadian office  furniture suppliers. Search for office walls and partitioning left us with exuberant quotes of overbuilt and poorly designed environmentally unfriendly extruded aluminium products. Moreover,  some of the main suppliers in the country are nothing more than fronts with 90 – 120 days expectations waiting for the senseless voyage across the Pacific and all the environmental pollution and waste that comes with it.

We are office as a service company that is based on designing and manufacturing our products, and wish to revisit steps that once made this country great maker of things. We want to embrace and become the future wave of Canadian economy, coming renaissance in manufacturing sector. That will moreover help us set sails on our quest to craft unique Canadian workplace experience as the only true designer / builder / manager of shared and collaborative working environments  in the industry.

Stay tuned,  our partner John is stopping by the Sherway Gardens Hive today and another great story is coming up soon.

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