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The most effective tricks to improve your productivity in a coworking space

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Coworking spaces allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and even employees in larger companies to have a desk and place of work that’s not a coffee shop or your standard office. Workers even have the option for private offices within coworking spaces if they’re just looking to get out. Of course, many choose to work in the shared […]

Big companies that started out of coworking spaces

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Who says you need to be backed by big-time investors in order for your startup to really take off. In the last few years the increase in coworking spaces has generated some of the most successful new age companies to date. Here is a list of famous companies who started out from coworking spaces. Indiegogo […]

Benefits of Coworking for Startups

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Gone are the days of cubicle desks and ‘formal clothing’. Coworking spaces provide a relaxed work environment in which the foundation is already there for your next big idea. Today we will focus why a coworking environment is the best place to nurture your new startup. Flexibility Startups often struggle with finding a work environment […]

Workspace Objectives: Enhance Productivity


This is the first in the nine part series about the the workspace objectives and how they shape office as a service industry. As the workplace continues to evolve, increasingly fluid workforce is looking for shared office environments that will not only provide the office space, but increase and encourage productivity. Shared working environments designers and operators are looking for the […]

Waggle dance and the Hive


Creating a new shared workspace environment is just like foragers starting a waggle dance. It is nature of business, belief that one can do it different and better, and it triggers continuous search for a hive that will flourish. Every day we learn something new and share information about the direction and distance to patches of […]

Hospitality and Sports Shoes


There is a saying that hospitality is almost impossible to teach, and it is all about hiring the right people. Tinker Hatfield was hired at Nike before Blake Griffin was born and started a shoe revolution in the industry where “there was no romance, no tying in with athletic personalities, no design inspiration from outside. They […]

It takes a bee to get the honey out


“Honey comes out of the air….At early dawn the leaves of trees are found bedewed with honey…. Whether this is the perspiration of the sky or a sort of saliva of the stars, or the moisture of the air purging itself, nevertheless it brings with it the great pleasure of its heavenly nature. It is […]

Pin Knots, Mineral Streaks, and the story about beautiful Baltic Birch


It all starts in Tyumen, Baltic settlement on the Tura River. Carefully selected FSC certified birch logs are shaven into thin layers of veneer,  perfectly cross-banded and laminated with glue free of formaldehiyde and without any voids, resulting in a perfect wooden canvas waiting for an artist, fusion of nature and machinery. Baltic Birch features the essential elements […]

Story about the Baltic Birch, Bees, Hive and Why


Remote workers will soon become norm rather than exception and progressive companies understand that they will have to embrace remote work to retain talent and improve the bottom line. The New York Times reported that “employees who spend three to four days working off-site feel the most engaged with their teams”, which illustrates fundamental change in the nature of […]